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Get Er Brewed Collaboration brew with Modest Beer

One Stop Shop for brewing ingredients

Geterbrewed act as a one stop shop for brewing ingredients for commercial breweries and have worked with Modest Beer in Holywood to create a collaboration brew showcasing some innovative new products.

The Collaboration on this occasion has made a NEIPA at 6.5% called Get Er Down, showcasing Plumage Archer Malt, Citra Incognito advanced hop product, New Australian Eclipse Hops and Verdant IPA Yeast & Aromazyme.

Modest Beer was started in October 2018 as Chris took the step from home brewer to commercial brewer , Chris has a full time job as a Tax Advisor but has a real passion for beer and that can be seen in the small batches of tasty hop forward beers he brews on his Brewiks Microbrewery Set Up. Chris has aimed to create a brand that is Joyous, responsible and honest and he has build a very respectable reputation in the local craft beer scene and we are excited to see what he achieves over time.

The Northern Ireland Craft beer scene is still very juvenile in terms of the potential that it has and we are excited to bring this collaboration brew to you.

Get Er Down NEIPA 6.5%

The flavours on this beer are at the front sweet juicy mandarin from the Eclipse hops with a sweet malt backbone coming from the heritage malt. This beer drinks very easy for a 6.5% beer and the flavours expand in the palate after drinking, its beautifully tasty!!

The Ingredients used in the Collaboration brew

What is Incognito?

Incognito Liquid Hops

Incognito is an advanced hop product used purely in the whirlpool, we used Citra Incognito and the flowable hop oils have certainly produced some extra packaged volumes mitigating losses in the whirlpool usually found with pellets.

Tell us about Eclipse Hops?

Eclipse Hops

Eclipse Hops are packed full of juicy sweet mandarin flavours with citrus peel and some pine. The hop has a sweet and delicate hop flavour that is genuinely unique in the modern offering of hop supplies. We feel this is an up and coming star in the hop world.

Tell us about Plumage Archer?

Crsip Plumage Archer Malt

Plumage Archer Malt is a heritage malt brought back to commercial release by Crisp Maltings , a malt developed by Dr ES Beaven its the first ever cross breed malt and comes from great stock as its one of the Grandparents to the heirloom variety that is Maris Otter, you will experience sweet malty bready smooth flavours.

Tell us about Aromazyme?


A simple addition of this Aromazyme enzyme in the fermenter will hydrolyse glycosidic bonds present in the hops, this process will in turn increase the complexity of the hop aroma and flavour in beer.

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